Now you can hear working fire and multiple-alarm level announcements via your cell phone without the need to purchase a 2-way radio! The ever popular eDispatches system now offers Metro Fire Radio through our partnership!

Here’s how it works.
Metro Fire Radio Members hear incidents and send out paging tones to alert listeners when there is a working fire or a multiple alarm. That tone is monitored through our equipment and sent up to the eDispatches server. The eDispatches server then sends a text notification to your phone telling you that a page has gone out. Simply call the number with the special code and listen to the transmission. It’s that simple!

Now you’ll never miss a working fire or multiple-alarm fire in our coverage area!

Great for people who:
*Don’t want to purchase a 2-way radio to become a full member
*Aren’t constantly near a radio to hear everything going on
*Only want to be notified for working fires or alarm level increases and are not interested in everything else going on
*Like to replay an incident in case they missed the first call.

Click here to send us an email and a representative will set up your subscription over the phone in minutes! Please include your name, cell phone number and reply email address.